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CLASSES- Heroix 4 Kids offers ongoing weekly classes for kids ages 4 and up. Classes run from September through June. We offer classes in both Ninja Cheerleading and Super Hero Self Defense.

CAMPS- Heroix 4 Kids offers weekly summer camps for kids ages 4 and up. We offer camps in both Ninja Cheerleading and Super Hero Self Defense. Other camp activities include art projects, games, performances and parties. Lunch and snacks are provided and extended care is available.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES- Have your child’s next birthday party with Heroix 4 Kids. We will customize a package based on your specific needs. Packages range from just providing the entertainment to providing everything!

WORKSHOPS- Heroix 4 Kids periodically holds workshops throughout the year to help sharpen your child’s skills in a specific area. We also hold workshops for special events such as performances and our fall fashion show.

PRIVATE/GROUP LESSONS- Heroix 4 Kids offers both private and group lessons. We will structure the lesson plan to fit your individual needs.  

SPECIAL EVENTS- Heroix 4 Kids participates in special events such as cheerleading performances, fashion shows, carnivals, and parades. If you would like Heroix 4 Kids to come to your event just let us know, we would love to!

SAN FRANCISCO SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS- Heroix 4 Kids volunteers at both public and private schools all over the city! We love to come help out with some organized activities at recess or hold a special workshop during or after school. If you would like Heroix to come to your school just let us ask!

For more information on any of our services please e-mail info@Heroix4Kids.com